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A New Year...2018

Happy New Year!

I really hate the idea of  New Year's Resolutions because they are meant to be broken. So I have decided to make a declaration of what I want to project going into the new year.

This year its all about "Making a Difference."

I think that is something we can all succeed at.

We all can make a difference in the world by making a difference in how we look at things. How we  approach people, problems, stress, etc..

So I am determined to make a difference this year by starting with myself. I am going to start putting a bigger emphasis on what makes me happy. I am going to ride my own horses more, go to more horse shows and competitions, and do things that make me happy, like hanging with my friends and going to the movies.

I am going to make a difference in my horses lives by spending more quality time with them. Groom them more thoroughly, trail ride more, just sit and be with them.

I am going to make a difference with my students by putting more focus on their needs and wants.  I am going to encourage them to stretch themselves past the point of comfort, because we all know that is where the true results are.

I am going to make a difference with my family and friends by being more available. Making more
time for them.

I am going to make a difference in the world by smiling more, talking to strangers, donating my time and volunteering more.

I want to leave the world a better place because I was here.

I think that that is a much better New Year's Resolution than just losing weight.

What do you think? What are you doing for the New Year?


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